Flawed Perfectly

Color my life with the chaos of trouble

But I must admit I miss you terribly. The world is too quiet without you nearby. I go to bed early and rise late and feel as if I have hardly slept.

—The Beatrice Letters ( Lemony Snicket)

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In a sense, I’m the one who ruined me: I did it myself.

—Haruki Murakami, 1Q84  (via fawun)

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You will burn and you will burn out; you will be healed and come back again.

—Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov (via larmoyante)

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For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves we find in the sea

—e.e. cummings, from “maggie and milly and molly and may” (via liquidnight)

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The best part of a relationship is getting to call the person, or lay down next to them, and tell them all the crazy things that happened to you all day long. In the end that’s what it’s about. It’s not about sex, it’s not about the money they give you, it’s not about how good looking they are, it’s about them listening to you talk for hours and hours and hours, about stupid shit that doesn’t matter.

—Tegan Quin (via sleepychick)

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if you are struggling with the idea of forgiving someone
try to imagine them when they were five years old
when they were a clumsy child
running around in a field of green grass
catching lightning bugs
try to imagine the first time they accidentally killed one
by holding it too tightly in their little palm
imagine them, their face raw with loss
maybe then, you will find yourself softer
maybe then, you will meet them on their knees
and forgive them

—forgive | Caitlyn Siehl (via angstlich)

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